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Pre & Post Pregnancy Care Services

Gold Rush Hospital is a leading obstetrics and gynaecology Hospital, specialized in complete care of the would be mother. Real care starts long before the conception in form of Pre-conceptional medical consulation.

Here at Gold Rush Hospital, we offer counseling for various medical (diabetes, hypertension, thrombophilia, auto immune diseases, renal diseases) & genetic diseases ( mental retardation, structural anomaly, Down’s syndrome, congenital heart diseases) in the family & pre-pregnancy work up long before you plan to conceive. This optimizes the chances of successful conception reducing various would be risks in pregnancy.
We guide you to have a smooth journey during your pregnancy period and deliver a healthy baby with minimal complications.


  • Pre & Post Pregnancy Care

The check up starts as soon as your pregnancy test shows a positive result .

  • First trimester

A viability scan is done and patient is kept under regular follow up.
Our highly qualified dieticians care for your nutrition during the first three months when the problems of nausea & vomiting are most bothering.

  • Second trimester

A regular check up of overall (mental as well as physical) fetal growth, maternal weight gain, Blood pressure, urine protein is done. A battery of tests and ultrasound are offered at various intervals. Diet rich in iron and calcium is advised. You can enroll yourself for prenatal yoga & breathing exercises.

  • Third trimester

Regular check up for the growth of the Baby, BP, Weight Gain and Urine Protein levels are done. Few blood tests like Hemoglobin and urine examination is repeated. Regular fetal assessment is done by in house ultrasound to check the weight gain, growth of baby, amount of liquor. We also do Cardiotopography (non stress test) in the Ninth month for fetal assessment.

  • Preparing for Labour

Proper counseling for labour and delivery is done. Breathing exercises, yoga and laction counseling is done to subside all your anxietis and prepare you for the final day.

  • Delivery

We wait till your EDD (expected date of delivery) or natural onset of labour in all uncomplicated pregnancies. We also offer painless C-Section delivery. You can choose according to the affordability and the standard of care you want.

  • High Risk Delivery

Few cases need early termination such as IUGR (Intra uterine growth retardation), Poor Doppler Studies, Decrease Liquor, Hypertension ,Diabetes, BOH. Steroid cover is given to avoid respiratory complications in such babies.
Aggressive biweekly fetal assessment is done by ultrasound (Biophysical profie) and NST (non stress Test) to pick up fetal distress at the earliest and plan a timely delivery.
During pregnancy We try to manage with minimum medication and more of complementary therapies for subtle problems like backache, nausea ,mood swings ,leg cramps, insomnia, depression.

  • Post-Delivery Care

We guide you to take proper care of you and your newborn. Timely medical advise from our knowledge rich experts is been given for proper nutrition & lactation. Qualified Physiotherapist can help you overcome Chronic backache. Six weeks post delivery, you can consult and opt for a proper contraceptive method.

We believe that pregnancy is a natural physiological state rather than a disease and we hope to make your pregnancy and motherhood experience a safe, enjoyable and memorable one.

Parenthood is a cherished dream of every couple.

In the view of experiencing you the joy of parenthood, our professional hospitality, care & services throughout would be a must visit reason to Gold Rush Hospital.

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